[REVIEW]An Ember in The Ashes – Spoiler Free


“Fear can be good, Laia. It can keep you alive. But don’t let it control you. Don’t let it sow doubts within you. When the fear takes over, use the only thing more powerful, more destructible, to fight it: your spirit. Your heart.”

The Plot
The story in this book was intriguing. I really love the concept of desert. I’m so into desert these days. It’s a high fantasy novel that really brings a new vibe for me. Since I haven’t read a lot of middle east story with it’s myth of jinn, ghuls, etc.
For me myself, I really did enjoy the slow pacing story, the romance that wasn’t too “lovey dovey” which wasn’t my cup of tea. The book was so realistic I couldn’t bring my self to hate it!

World Building
World building wasn’t the main concept about this book. The every detailed situation or places wasn’t explained fairly. But even that, the world wasn’t confusing. It’s quite simple and not much details on in since the world mainly about vast desert and less mountains.. I really love how they put 2 type of maps. The academy and the overall world.. Helps a lot!

The Character
I love LAIA! God! She was so real I couldn’t believe it. Even though I love bad-ass girl warrior (read: CELAENA SARDOTHIEN #fangirlalert), but I still believe that woman always “weak” especially when it comes about losing someone so meaningful in her life, or always “scared” with the torture, and I do believe that no woman in this world would sane enough to become a slave to save her only living brother without being scared, or weak, or sad.. and I feel for Laia so much I couldn’t believe that I love her for slowly starting to become stronger and stronger…

The Writing
I guess a lot of you would agree with me that the writing was insanely beautiful. For example,

“I live with my sins everyday.” He throws down the tongs and turns to me. “I live with the guilt. But there are two kinds of guilt, girl: the kind that drowns you until you’re useless, and the kind that fires your soul to purpose. The day I made my last weapon for the Empire, I drew a line in my mind. I’d never make a Martial blade again. I’d never have Scholar blood on my hands again. I won’t cross that line. I’ll die before I cross it.”

Or else,

At first, nothing happens. She feels out the melody the way a blind man feels his way forward in an unfamiliar room.

Insane huh? She explains about Helene’s magic in a beautiful phrase that takes my breath away….

The conclusion is I love this book. Give this book an easy 5/5 stars and expecting it’s second book which will be coming in August! I just hope that Sabaa Tahir’s writing style won’t change.



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