[REVIEW]Red Queen – Spoiler Free

Red QueenOKAY
before I start my review
I’ll give this book 3 or 3.5/5 stars
Because just like Hailsheartnyc’s review
I didn’t love this book and I don’t hate it too
Giving this book a 4 would means that I’m not honest with my review

Here’s the reason..
When I read a book, I would be happy if I can truly sucked in the book which makes me hyped and would never stop reading..
The truth with this book was.. I didn’t feel it like that..
The world building was awesome. I can imagine it, but don’t want to live in it.
Not because the world was bad. It’s because I don’t have any connection with the world.

The story
It kind of new to me, with the world splitting into 2 kind of human.
The Red and The Silver..
I know, some people would say that it’s way to similar with the Red Rising. Just to let you know, I haven’t read that book. So it’s new to me

I don’t really mind with the concept that similar with another book :
The hunger games for it’s killing
The lunar chronicle for it’s super human mind control or nature control
The Throne of Glass for it’s Diamond Glass castle
So hard to find originality in this book but I don’t mind it either. The more you read a book, the more you’ll realize there would never be a book that totally original. Because of it, I would like Victoria to really hyped me from the first pages.
Which she doesn’t…
I feel flat throughout 300 pages and the rest 80 pages was totally insane. I really love the last 80 pages, it’s just when I feel sucked in to the book. The betrayal wasn’t MIND BLOWING at all
Here’s the thing… I’ve already read some review and knowing that there would be a betrayal in the end.
So I tried to make myself, my own plot in my mind about who’ll betray Mare.
And it turn’s out I was right..
That was the time I know that THE BETRAYAL WAS OBVIOUS… Trust me..
But I do think that the story isn’t that fast either. Yes, important things didn’t have any explanation
Which makes me have to re-read to fully understand. But I do really like a book that wasn’t too slow..
So because of a matter of preference, I have no complaint about it.

The Writing
Usually I don’t really mind with the type of writing, for as long as I can read. But I did have some rant about this book
2 words of the most repeating line :
another lie
anyone can betray anyone
it’s kind of frustrating..

The Character
Mare is flat..
That’s what I can say. I see no emotion in her. This’s Mare’s POV and yet I can’t feel her. All that I know is just she’s a heroine with confused mind, confused situation, and yet she can’t even decide which one to choose. She isn’t logical at all, she didn’t even think!
She just keep on trying to protect the one she loves and yet she didn’t “think” at all..
Like the strategy, how to conquer.. This is her POV. Which means we read HER THOUGHT. and I didn’t feel like reading her thought at all.
She isn’t bold enough to be a main character. She’s way too fickle… and I hate that kind of woman.

Whether will I buy the second book?
Probably yes, and probably no…

And probably I will try to buy the second book for that last 80 pages~


2 thoughts on “[REVIEW]Red Queen – Spoiler Free

  1. I totally agree with you! But then my experience of reading Red Queen was so different, i listened to it on audio book and i didn’t think the person reading it.
    I’m sort of umming and arring about picking up Glass Sword
    Great review!


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