I need to take a break. I’ve so many things to do right now and I need to take a break. Not that “many” as you might think. Definitely not as many as if I have loans and jobs and things and that. It’s just that I need to take a break from social media.

I have a resolution on 2017 to live more minimal. And this mental state keeps me from doing thing unintentionally, unplanned, uncontrolled and all of that “consumerism” thing that have become my life literally from the beginning of myself.

I don’t hate social media. But honestly, ever since I know social media (Friendster, Facebook you name it) I never really fond of them. Like I don’t particularly care about it. Only that “all of my friends have it” or “I need to have them to make me more acceptable in the society” and all of those excuses that are just do me no good at all. I don’t really care about my Instagram’s followers number. I DID feel sad about losing followers, but that WAS before I realize that I don’t really care about that number. I love myself, and if my Instagram blocked me from being happy, what more excuse for me to just delete it?

I enjoy taking a photo, editing them and post them online. Only that recently I did it for my “followers”. I realize that the more “inactive” I am, the more my likes reduced, my followers reduced. Or if I take a more blackish theme, or if I’m not having a giveaway. And all of those excuses that really blocked me from being real happy with life and my internet life.

I felt obliged to take photos and post them regularly, even if I don’t like it. Posting them online and got a hundred likes. Thinking that I’m happy with it. In fact, I just never felt happy at all. I keep on wanting more, and more and more. I remember back when I have 50 likes in my photos, I would smile and feel real happy. But now with 97 likes, I felt horrible.

I think that’s the “main” purpose of social media. You might wanted to say to me not to think horribly about social media, but I just can’t. It’s the truth, face it. Social media teaches us to be a consumptive person. Not that I dislikes them. I do have 500 books and feel happy about them. But now I do pick my book real careful and mindful.

Social media isn’t bad. It’s good if you know how to use it wisely.

I learnt a lot about minimalism from You tube, and without You tube, I might never be a minimalist. But the things is, ever since I become a minimalist, I started to really think everything in a minimalist way.

Do I really need Bookstagram? Or do I really need to have this amount of money in my bank account. Do I really need this bag, do I really need this dress or T-shirt.

I have become more mindful about everything that I’ve own, including Bookstagram. And these past few days, I felt joy and happiness without Bookstagram. I still connect with my aboard friends using Bookstagram though. It’s the only reason I still use my Bookstagram.

Probably I just really need to take a break from Bookstagram and started to enjoy it on my own way, which is to never feel obliged to post anymore and just enjoy it.

I’m sorry for this late night rant. I hope you could find something interesting in it, or just be a good friend and listen to my blabbering. LOL




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