These past few days I realized that I’ve manage to do a lot of things. I managed to read 11 books in less than 2 months, I managed to do a lot of writing jobs (translating, making papers and making presentations). And I’ve managed to do work out as well and especially I’ve managed to write more on my blogs. I slept at 12 PM and woke up at 9 AM. Worked on clinics for 4 hours long.

And then you might thought, how? How can you managed to do all of those stuff, it looks like a lot of stuffs to do.

Now that I was reviewing this past week, I realize that minimalism really thought me a lot of things, especially with TIME. I always thought I need more time. 24 hours is not enough.

So I thought if you do struggle with TIME like I did before, you might want to know how I manage my time. Here are a few tips that I do, that may be some how help you with your time

1.Stop doing things that waste your time

How much time do we use only to waste it? How much time do we use to watch craps from you tube? (What’s inside my bags? See me prank my friends? etc.) How much time do you use to play games on you phone?

Take a step back and review your day. How much time do you use only to waste it?

Here is an example of my time before

8 AM wake up. Then spend 1 hour to play games on phone, another 1 hour to watch YouTube. Work until 1 PM. Lunch until 2 PM, then play games again for another 1 or 2 hours, then another hour to watch YouTube. It’s 5 PM already, taking bath and doing my business makes it 6 PM. Going on dinner and dating until 10 PM. Read my books until 12 PM fully exhausted doing craps and nothing, sleep at 12 PM if not distracted by YouTube for another 2 hours.

The amount of wasting my time are :

1 hour of playing games in the morning

1 hour of watching YouTube in the morning

2 hours of playing games in the afternoon

1 hour of watching YouTube in the afternoon

2 hours of watching and playing games in the evening/night before going to sleep

That makes 7 hours of wasting my time, doing nothing productive except playing and watching YouTube

What do I do now?

I stopped playing games. I’ve deleted all of my games from my phone (that saves me 4 hours). And watching YouTube while I’m working out. And that makes my second tips which is

2.Trying to multitask

Try to multitask everything. Instead of just sit down and watch YouTube, start working out while watching YouTube. Clean your room while watching your favorite TV shows. Start doing your laundry while listening to audio books.

3.Stop thinking useless and stupid thoughts

I’ve managed to reduce my stress level and my time of feeling depressed by just stop doing that. I stopped to think what others think about me. I stopped to mind others business. I stopped caring about other people. Not that I’m telling you to be selfish. It’s only that do you realize how much time you spend on minding your friends business? Or you sister’s? or you boyfriend’s?

4.Have 10 minutes a day to STOP and minding you own self

By this I mean, really just stop from the world. For me, I do this after I do my work out and go to the sauna. I really just put my cellphone and having “me time”. By “me time” I mean really ME. I stopped thinking about my boyfriend, about my family and friends, my work. Just stop and living a life. It really helped me to reduce my stress.

So that’s all for today’s tips for managing your time. I know that the most important things to manage your time is by putting out “priorities”. But I guess all about priorities have been discussed in almost every “manage your time” tips. In here I just wanted to focus more than just making priorities, and rather to really enjoy your “managed” time.




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