[LIVING MINIMALISM] De-cluttering my bag

Hi guys.. I’m so overwhelmed that someone actually did read my rambling. LOL.. Even though no one comments on my blog, but I’m truly grateful that someone views my blog.

On today’s post I wanted to share my almost monthly de-cluttering for my bag. I always do this for at least a month, or if I felt that my bag was heavy, I started to clean it out.

I always wanted to share kind of “dE-cluttering” thingy, and since I don’t have any YouTube channel, I thought I could share it with you here with my writing. Hehehe..

Let’s start with everything in my bag! Here’e a picture of my before my de-cluttering process..


My current bag

I ‘m currently using a Braun Buffel bag. I don’t know the name of this bag. But if I found out the name, I’ll put a link here. It’s a sling bag and made from real leather (I’m a non vegan minimalist, yeah, who cares). I still enjoyed using leather bags anyway. It’s in a color gray and the sling strap is in color brown. It has 2 big pockets on the side of the main pocket. And 1 zipper pocket and 2 small pockets inside the main pocket.

Everything inside

Inside my bag, I carry:

  1. some receipts I got from a lot of stores like bookstore and restaurants
  2. a comb which I got for free from a hotel which I totally forgot when was I even slept in that hotel. Ha! I recently starting to not use a comb as much, and when I need them I just use this small comb to only fix it up. But overall I always use my hand to comb my hair
  3. 2 broken watches, which I’m supposed to fix it but I always find some excuse not to. But I’ve managed to fix my Marc Jacob’s watch (the black one) and now is using it. Which is good!
  4. my current read. I’m currently reading Silence from Shusaku Endo. Here’s the GoodRead’s link for this book Silence by Shusaku Endo. I’m currently on page 117 and totally love it. It’s a historical fiction based on true story about a Catholic Priest in Japan on Edo era. I really think if you’re a Catholic, you definitely need to read this book!
  5. a pouch for where I save a lot of knickknacks (it’s an Alice in Wonderland pouch!) Since I love organization, I would never let my bag be cluttered by small things. So I keep them inside this small pouch
  6. my wallet. It’s a Fossil wallet in color of kind of green and Tosca. I don’t really know what color is it! And again I don’t know the name of this wallet. I’m sorry
  7. my car keys.. I don’t think I need to write anything about this thing yes?
  8. and lastly a Braun Buffel’s certificate. Which I prefer to keep them inside my bag.


Inside my pouch

  1. a tissue
  2. a small note, to write. Yeah.. obviously…
  3. a mirror from my boyfriend’s mom. She gave it to me from about 6 months ago and since I don’t have any pocket mirror, I always bring this one
  4. a flash disk, to just in case I need to save things from my senior or my colleagues when I’m working or stuff
  5. 2 pens in color pink and purple
  6. a lipstick. It’s my on the go lipstick. It’s from Estee Lauder in color Ripe Papaya Shimmer.
  7. an old EOS lipbalm which the color has been changed and the smell and the feeling of it is gross..
  8. a mint candy!

That’s all inside my bag. Now that I’ve know what inside my bag, I just realize that I might be not bringing a lot of stuff, but still wanted to clean it up. So here is what I finally get rid of my bag!



I decided to get rid of my receipts, two of my broken watched (which one I’ve already fixed up), one of the pens, and the EOS balm. I really trashed the balm since I think it’s no longer useful for me since I don’t use balm that much and I have more balm that in a good condition.

So that’s it for my monthly de-cluttering my bag. I hope you would enjoy it and maybe find more inspiration to do de-cluttering as well.. I know that I still carry a lot of stuffs.. But these stuffs are basics things I really need in my daily basis and I really use them a lot.

I hope y’ll have a great day!





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