I’ve managed to read 7 books for this month! YEAY! I’ve read 2 historical fictions, 2 classics, 1 fantasy novel, 1 high fantasy novel and 1 contemporary novel. From all of these books I gave 5 stars for 4 books (2 historical, 2 classics), 1 book for 4 stars, 1 book for 3 stars and 1 book for 2 stars.

Wait? Did you just say 2 stars? Yes, I rarely gave a book 2 stars because I think that not a single author deserves a 2 stars. But why then? It’s because the book is a waste for me. It’s way too quick and everything is just about how to make you cry in a nonsensical way and hoping that if you cry then you’ll recommend it to somebody else. While I’ll never do that. I also decided to sell the book right away. LOL

So here are my list for the February 2017’s wrap up!


1. The Horse and His Boy by C.S. Lewis

Read from 28th January 2017 – 5th February 2017

It was taking quite a while for me to read this book, considering that this book is quite small. But then I realize I love this book way more that The Magician Nephew and The Witch, the Lion and the Wardrobe. The reason behind this was that this book contain a lot of Christianity aspect to it. But at the same time I also realize that this book might be contain a lot of “racist” on it. Still I can resist not to give this book a 5 stars!


Read from 4th February 2017 – 5th February 2017

Published in 1998, this is an Indonesian book that was controversial at the time. This book follows about 4 women in the New Orde Era (in 1966 – 1988) that were friends. 2 of these girls felt in love with a priest. The story goes with so many politics and romance. I can relate if this book is quite a controversial considering that this book was released at that New Orde Era which was crazy for a woman to be that brave to speak. More in depth review (in Bahasa) could be found here. I gave this book an easy 5 stars for her brave to speak about feminity.

3. Prince Caspian by C.S Lewis

Read from 7th February 2017 – 8th February 2017

Nothing more to say than I’m gonna give this book a 5 stars. Even though it’s hard for me to say good bye for Peter and Susan (well, I’ve never fond of Susan in the first place). But Peter, I love Peter so much. I love how caring he is, I love how rationale he is. He’s a probably the most fantastical man I’ve ever met. Being rationale, being caring and being a believer of Narnia. I can truly relate Narnia with Christianity, that’s just how I saw it. And that made my love for Peter grows since, I rarely found a man like him in our real world.

4. Surat untuk Ruth (Letters for Ruth) by Bernard Batubara

Read from 10th February 2017 – 12 February 2017

This book made me a reading slump. Like seriously, I hated this book so much I only gave this book a 2 stars, which I consider is not even appropriate if I’m not thinking about how much “time” the author would use to write this book, which I believe it was not much either. This book is a waste. Nothing is going on. All of the conflicts were out after about 3/4 parts of the book which that 3/4 parts were just a man rambling useless things. I just cannot explain how much I hated this book. More in depth review (in Bahasa) could be found here.

5. Country Side – The book of the Wise by J.T Cope IV

Read from 5th February 2017 – 18 February 2017

This book was sent to me in exchange of an honest review from the author. I must confess that I read this book in quite a long time because of some reasons. First, because it’s in a digital copy which I never fond of, secondly I’m quite busy at the time with so many side jobs that I have. So by the end of the day I just pick up some easy read to cherish myself! But this book definitely underrated. The author was highly influenced by C.S Lewis and I can see a lot of morals and Christianity in this book as well. I highly recommend it to some of you that need some middle grade reading.

6. Silence by Shusaku Endo

Read from 18th February 2017 – 22nd February 2017

I love this book so much. This book is amazing. It’s rich and sad at the same time. This book follows a priest that lost his faith in the Japanese Edo Era because he couldn’t resist the torture. His apostasy was famous because before him, no priest ever did what he did. He felt like God was silence with all of the things that were going on Japan. This book is such a phenomenal, it’s painful. As a Catholic I just feel so sad while reading this book. I’m waiting to watch the movie. An easy 5 stars for this book!

7. Ever the Hunted by Erin Summerill

Read from 22nd February 2017 – 1st March 2017

The book is okay. The concept is okay. Everything in this book is okay. But I do think that the concept is rather original considering that this book is a high fantasy novel that usually has that same “vibe”. This book is rather has it’s own unique feeling. Even though I cannot give this book more than 3 stars, I still wanted to know about what will happen next and expecting it. More in depth review will be up soon.


And the last book wraps my February 2017’s book wrap up! I have so much going on lately with my Minimalism Journey but still managed to read 7 books. Now I feel so much accomplished and happy with my life. I have so much to write and books to reviews. This first 2 months of 2017 were such a blast. I’m so much happier now. Thank you so much for reading my blog. You cannot imagine how much happiness I feel for one person to even visit my blog!





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