[LIVING INTENTIONALLY] 30 Days De-cluttering Challenge – Day 1 to 5

I decided to do the 30 days challenge to live more minimal. The main reason for this is I just wanted to do more fun stuff and find more things to de-clutter from my room. Even though I do feel like I’ve already have less, but the feeling of de-cluttering is over overwhelmingly good. And I want to always feel that. This might be hard for me since I’ve already have less. The more I go through my stuffs each day, I started to realize that I do have a lot to just trash a lot of stuff that I don’t need.

I combined a few days so that this post won’t be as boring as I show you only 1 stuff to de-clutter. So here’s the day 1 to day 5 of my de-cluttering journey.





Discarding my unused Flazz Card. It was expired and I don’t know why I still have it in my possession. LOL. This is the main reason why I declutter. Once I was going through my cards and found this card and decided to do the 30 days de-cluttering challenge.


I discarded my watch warranty card which already passed its date. Again, I don’t know why I still have it. But I always feel like I always have to have it. But in the end, for the past 2 years I only have it to dust in my drawer. Need to get it out to my trash bin.

The second thing I’ve already shredded is a stamp coupon which I’ve never use anymore since I don’t really like the restaurant. I’ve never comeback to that place for more than 6 months I guess, I don’t even remember.


2 cords and 1 glasses wipes? I don’t know what is it called. Basically it was used for wiping your glasses when they’re dirty. I have never use it so discarding them will only bring me joy. Ha!


a fan, a lip balm, a sticky note, and a used name tag.  I kept the used name tag for sentimental item. It was one of my name tag that I used during my journey of becoming a doctor. Now that I’ve already become one, I almost never used it. And it’s broken too. Which means if I ever need to use it again I can always buy a new one right? It’s kind of hard to detach from sentimental items. To be honest I kind of a sentimental person. Discarding small things that weren’t too sentimental to me, helps me to say goodbye to them a lot. Ever since I started to de-clutter, I’ve already discard a lot of sentimental items from my possession. But I still have a small box full of sentimental items as well. So I need to keep on track with that small box. The lip balm has never been used, so I’m trying to sell it and if by 6 months nobody wanted to adopt, I’ll discard it just as easy.


Last but not least, 2 pens that I don’t like using, a tote bag that I’ve never use as well, some papers that were just there collecting dust under my desk, and a broken accordion file. I’ve replaced that accordion file to a much better and bigger one since I really do need a much bigger one to safe bigger things. Since that one has already broken, I decided to just trash it. But now I regret it since I can just donate it to some one (it’s just the opening that broke, other wise it’s in a pretty good condition).


I feel good about de-cluttering these things. I hope this post will help you somehow to find inspiration about this to get rid of from your possession! These things have no use in my life. I don’t always just trash them all, but find a good use for it. For example the sticky notes, I decided to donate them to my donation spot in town. Because I know some children out there might use it for a good use. For the things like that, I always tried to find and consider to donate them first before just throw it in the garbage.

That’s all for this post. I’ll try to find more things in the future to declutter. To be honest I did declutter and take a photo before the time period (jobs make me definitely cannot do this everyday, so I decided to make them before hand so I could keep on track).




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