[LIVING INTENTIONALLY] 30 Days De-cluttering Challenge Day 6 – 16

I’m sorry for not posting these past few days. No excuse would be good enough for me to explain other than I’m lazy as hell because of the amount of jobs I have, made me went lazy to even post anything here.

This challenge have been good, even though I haven’t write anything but in real life I’m still working on doing it. And now I’ve been going to Day 16 means 16 things to get rid of my life. That accumulate 136 things in my life that I’ve been got rid of. I’m so proud of my life. To be honest, this challenge starting to get really really hard for me to do since I’ve been mostly declutter things before I even start this challenge and now that I’ve had less, things get really hard to get rid of. But I’m feeling good for get rid of these things in my life.

These things are not always be trashed. Some times I gave it to my cousins, my mom, my sisters and mostly donated. Since I didn’t have time to separate donate and trash except the one that really broken, I just piled them and tell my donation place to help me to separate them. So here’s the things that I’ve de-cluttered from my life.

Note: I’m not going to do much details on everything, because things are many and I believe y’ll will be bored with the content.


Day 6 : 3 lipsticks, 2 old phone cases that were broken and 1 phone straps that I no longer use

Day 7 : 2 tank tops, 3 shirts, 1 socks, 1 dress. All of these were donated except the dress which I believe my sister still love to use them.

Day 8 : 5 hair accessories, 2 med books, 1 lighter. I haven’t use candles for more than a month now. And I believe I won’t use them again. The main reason for this is because it left with an unused jar. It is not bad, I know. But the thing is I will be feeling bad for trashing the jar because it’s a good quality jar and that reason will lead me to another clutter. So I stopped buying candles, and instead I  leave my room without smell. I’m still trying to find a good option to make my room smelled good without candles.. LOL


Day 9 : 2 old name tags, 1 hair band, 1 greeting card that was supposed to be given to my hubby but I forgot and his birthday was already a year ago “hahaha”, 1 lion paperclip, 1 necklace, 1 cup and 1 bowl, and 1 book that I forgot to capture. LoL. The book is being sold right now, but by the end of my next de-cluttering if the book isn’t sold yet, I’ll just donate it. The kitchen supplies and necklace were given to my mom.

Day 10 : 1 receipt, 3 bookmarks, 1 Naruto card, 1 nail sticker, 2 small cups, 1 hook and 1 coaster

Day 11 : 11 clothes. Most of these were donated. The 3 scarfs and 1 brown legging were given to my mom. Since those were hers in the first place but I asked her about a year ago and realize I’ve never use them at all.

Day 12 : 2 stuffed animals, 1 accessories bowl, 4 unused cards, 1 accessories bag, 1 refreshment oil, 1 plastic bag, 1 pin, 1 random paper that I use for marking my current read book. I change it into a proper bookmark. Some of these either donated or trashed.


Day 13 : 3 shoes, 2 pencils, 1 belt, 2 clothes, 1 laptop bag, 1 merry Christmas sign, 1 paper clip, 1 pencil case, 1 unused paper which I found randomly inside my room (that’s the point of decluttering, right?). Most of these were donated except the paper and the hotel slipper and the sign.

Day 14 : 1 giant text book, 2 photo books, 1 giant bible which I stack them below that 1 2016 Easter Mass book guide from my Church, 1 empty subscription box, 2 decorative papers, 2 unused paint brushes, 1 pack of CD stickers, 1 random paper, 1 old phone case, and 1 empty hypertensive drug bottle.

Day 15 : 14 pens, pencils, coloring pens and 1 hook. The broken pens were trashed and the good one were going to donation.

Day 16 : 6 tank tops, 3 sets of old pajamas, 5 skirts, 1 jacket and 1 dress. The dress and 2 skirts were given away to my cousins and maid. The rest were donated.


And those concluded my 16 days of decluttering journey. I still have 14 more to go and more stuff to de-clutter. To be honest, I wanted to give up sometimes. I know this is weird. Because I feel like I’ve already have less stuff and I don’t have more to get rid off. I was thinking about going to my mom’s stuff, but that means cheating. Since I want to get rid of my stuffs, not hers.

Also yesterday my mom was decluttering her stuff. She had 2 boxes full of clothes to donate. I’m super happy for her. But she gave me about 13/14 clothes for me to wear. So I decided in to get rid of 16 clothes. That was awesome. I felt good about it.

Last but not least, I still have more days to declutter more. I hope after finish this challenge, I could go to 30 days of bags challenge to clean my mom’s house.

Have a nice day!


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