I've managed to read 7 books for this month! YEAY! I've read 2 historical fictions, 2 classics, 1 fantasy novel, 1 high fantasy novel and 1 contemporary novel. From all of these books I gave 5 stars for 4 books (2 historical, 2 classics), 1 book for 4 stars, 1 book for 3 stars and … Continue reading [WRAP UP] FEBRUARY 2017


[WRAP UP]JANUARY 2017 Book Wrap Up

WOW! It's the end of January 2017. Time flew way too fast. Oh yes.. HELLO EVERYONE! LOL.. I've left my blog to dust. I know! I'm sorry for that. It wasn't because I don't want to write anymore. No! Indeed no! It's because I got really really busy these past few months with my internship's … Continue reading [WRAP UP]JANUARY 2017 Book Wrap Up